Our guild meets together in select gaming stores across the Wasatch Front to play each other’s prototypes. We gather once or twice per month at each location, starting at 7:00 pm.

Some designs are just past the “tried it out with my family” stage, while other designs are nearing publication.

Generally, new attendees will need to playtest other games before they can get their own game playtested. Once a prospective member attends three meetings, they become full members and are eligible for having their own designs tested.

The guild uses a priority system to make sure everyone gets a chance to have their game hit the table. The more you playtest other games, the higher your priority gets. You can attend meetings at different locations and accrue more priority (and play more awesome prototypes!) if you’d like.


At the present time, the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah meets officially in four different locations, although more locations might open up as our reach (and demand) increases.